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Our many years of experience gives us the opportunity to answer other questions competently. Here are a few examples that would go beyond the scope of a normal FAQ. That’s why we launched these pages.

Banks in Egypt

If you ask which bank you should choose, they will usually tell you the CIB. This is certainly a competent and large bank, but we believe you are in better hands as a client of the Arab African International Bank (AAIB) or the Qatar National Bank (QNB). Our consultants are happy to arrange personal contacts in one of these two banks for opening an account and / or a personal meeting.


There are almost countless insurance policies in Egypt, both for car insurance and building as well housing insurance and some for the household contents and liability insurance. You can also take out health insurance here. The topic is very extensive and can only be mentioned in short. In any case, it pays to deal with Allianz Egypt and Misr Insurance.

Things to do in Hurghada and surroundings

For leisure there are in Hurghada and around ample possibilities. Starting with the classic visit at the beach or the diving tour, but there are many other opportunities to do something alone or in a group. That’s why we’ve dedicated about an own page to leisure activities.

Hospitals & private clinics

It has a wealth of public and private hospitals in Hurghada. The best known may well be the Nile Hospital, but you also know the El Gouna Hospital and now the Royal Hospital is the favorit. The quality, the service and the prices sometimes vary considerably. Currently, the Royal is considered one of the most popular hospitals among immigrants, but has the disadvantage that it does not have all the necessary equipment in the house and thus is dependent in part on other providers. The Nile Hospital is frequented by the locals with high income, has some very new equipment, but others are already pretty old. The El Gouna Hospital is often described as “the Rolls Royce” among the clinics. This is not correct. The doctors have, as in the other hospitals too, a fairly good education which was partly acquired abroad. The prices are the same or cheaper than those of the other hospitals, but you have to take in the El Gouna Hospital very significant waiting times and a rather moderate organization.

Dentistry and dental clinics

Also dentists and dental clinics are not lacking in Hurghada. However, a whole range of them can not cover the basic needs of European customers, as it often lack experience in handling and hygiene. However, there is also a considerable number of good or even exemplary doctors and clinics, which are often even better equipped than their European counterparts. The prices vary considerably, but one can say that these are still below those of the Czech Republic or Hungary. We recommend Dr. Amr Hassan of Red Sea Smile. On request, we will gladly send you his phone number.

How much tip should you give?

In Egypt, it is common to give about 10% tip (baksish). Important: If you are not satisfied, please do not tip. This would be misunderstood and the service would never improve!

Taxi drive in Hurghada

To make it short: We generally advise against taxi driving. This refers in particular to the “orange taxis” which work hard every day to worsen their already ruined reputation even worse. They drive too fast, often give the impression of being drugged, harass passengers for payment and are often very rude. Of course this does not apply to all drivers, we would like to explain this explicitly, but unfortunately for the majority. Highly recommended is the company “ABC-Taxi”. It seems like the drivers got clear “no-gos”, the prices are clear and the drivers are usually punctual and friendly.