Questions and Answers

Questions and answers about buying property in Egypt

Q: How much does the service of Sunshine Dreams Touristic Investment cost me?
A: Our service is basically free and there are no commission fees

Q: Do I need legal advice / guidance and can you help me with this?
A: As in other parts of the world, legal advice is strongly advised in Egypt too. If you wish, our corporate lawyer can assist you for a fee. He then checks all documents before purchasing, accompanies the clients during the purchase process and can also register for them.

Q: Are the real estate offered by Sunshine checked or do I have to check them myself?
A: Before we offer any property, all the documents are checked by our legal department. For the larger properties we provide due diligence. For the smaller objects or single objects (villas, houses, flats) we can arrange a check for you

Q: Is the purchased property really 100% full ownership?
A: Yes, the properties we offer are “freehold”. That means that it is 100% your property and you own it along with a percentage of the building of the land. Some parts in Hurghada (El Gouna, Moubarak 1-11) and also outside (for example Marsa Alam) are subject to the lease. This is often mistakenly referred to as leasehold, but this is not true. With “leasehold” they buy the lease in Egypt for a certain time, usually 49-99 years with the option of extension on the basis of the first lease price.

Q: In which language is the contract created?
A: The contract is usually written in Arabic-English or Arabic-German. Please ask for other languages in individual cases

Q: Is Hurghada (Egypt) safe?
A: In comparison to European cities Hurghada may be called safe. The crime is usually limited to thefts and other petty crime. Physical injuries are the rare exception. Unfortunately, Egypt also suffers from targeted fake news from the international western press.

Q: How do I get a resident visa as a foreigner?
A: You have to go to the visa office in Hurghada. Please take your passport and 2 passport photos with you. We recommend that you have the necessary copies made at the visa office (there is a copy shop in front of the door), because the rules are changing very often lately. The visa section staff will provide you with a Din A4 form in English, which you must fill out. Here they just enter a few personal details and submit it along with the other papers and photos. The next day they can pick up their completed visa at 1:00 pm. For the departure and re-entry during the period of the visa, you may need a re-entry, otherwise your visa expires upon departure!

Q: Does a resident visa also have benefits?
A: Yes, they get substantial discounts in (public) hospitals and doctors. As a rule, one can expect the same prices as for locals. You can contact with telephone companies and also take out health insurance.

Q: What do I need to open a bank account?
A: First of all, the opening is purely formal connected with the “permanent stay in Egypt”, which is not checked in reality. Thus, they need a (by the Office) stamped lease or their contract of sale. In addition, € 500 or USD or GBP is required per currency. For an account in Egyptian pounds you need 5000 EGP. In addition, you will need your passport (with at least 6-month residency visa) and income proof (bank receipt / pension statement / pay slip).

Q: Who will take care of my property when I’m not there?
A: Sunshine Dreams is a full service provider. We are happy to supervise your property in your absence in return for a fee.

Q: Can you also rent my property?
A: We do not currently offer a rental service, but we are happy to provide you with reliable partners.