Real Estate in Hurghada

Information and selected real estate offers in Hurghada

The old fishing village of Hurghada has blossomed over the last 1-2 decades to probably the most important city at the sea in Egypt. Many worldwide known dive sites are visited daily by the numerous diving schools. But vacationers have discovered this vibrant city for themselves. And so over the years, of course, the real estate business has continued to evolve. Today Hurghada is often traded as the # 1 insider tip among international investors.You can find a property in Hurghada here.


Dahar – the real Egypt

The City Hurghada can easily be divided into several sections. So there is for example the old town Dahar (Downtown) with its fruit and vegetable market – the souk. The traditional Egyptian bazaar invites you to rummage and trade, because here time seems to have stopped. In this colorful setting, you can try local delicacies in one of the local restaurants, be it “Tahina” or “Kosherhi” – there is something for every taste.

Sekalla – the colorful tourist mecca

Then there’s Sekalla with the Sheraton Road and its innumerable cafes, restaurants and bars. Here only with the darkness the pulse of life wakes up and the revelers love this district because of its manifold offers. But also goldsmiths, mobile shops and other dealers offer all sorts of useful and useless. In Sekalla, almost all of Hurghada’s nightlife takes place. One or the other disco closes only at dawn. To Sekalla also belongs the “Marina” with its pompous boats and yachts, international restaurants and bars as well as other attractions. Bungee jumping and karaoke, dancing or watching football in the community are just a few examples.
Sekalla also has a lot to offer in culinary terms, as the fresh fish and seafood are on the table just a few hours after catching at very reasonable prices. After all, the fish market is just around the corner from Hurghada Marina.

El Memsha – the modern Egypt of the young generation

To mention is also the Memsha – the new tourist promenade – with many hotels and beaches. From here starts some adventures in a new future or just in the nightlife in Hurghada. Many an emigrant lived in one of these hotels before emigrating to Egypt.
Around the shopping arcade called “El Memsha” the nightlife offers a myriad of possibilities especially for families with children. Electro scooters, scooters and football, fast food and go-karts as well as endless photo opportunities complete the evening.
The “Little Budda” and the “Hard Rock Cafe” are often visited by locals and tourists and close only in the morning hours.

Al Ahyaa

This up-and-coming district is home to locals and immigrants. Just about 7 years old, sc hon has almost everything for daily life. In addition to supermarkets, doctors and pharmacies, there are also hairdressers, beautyshops and tearooms and restaurants. Immediately the Ahyaa Hospital is to be opened. The Turtles Beach Resort has shaped this district and around the resort are more and more facilities such as the international bakery. Al Ahyaa is a quiet and safe area in Hurghada.

El Gouna – like the phoenix from the ashes

A significant part of Hurghada is El Gouna. The lagoon city by the sea on the coastal road in the rough direction of Cairo has been thrilling visitors for over 25 years with growing attractions. Quick El Gouna has culinary attention, it was the first established the best fish restaurants. Over the years, the recreational opportunities have grown and today there are, inter alia, water sports (surfing, kiting, diving, sliders,), activities in the countryside (such as horse riding and quad biking), cooking classes, family adventures and of course golf. Of course, in the course of time also highly recommended steak houses and pizzerias and other gourmet temples have been added. El Gouna is always worth a visit – whether as a tourist or day guest.