Hurghada – an endearing dream

Hurghada – an endearing dream at the Red Sea

Who does not have it, the dream of a carefree life on the beach under palm trees and with crystal clear water. The play of the different shades of blue arouses deep longings in us and makes us think once again of a simple but “dreamlike” life.

For most people, this dream will certainly not become reality, but dreaming is allowed. And who knows today what life plans for us tomorrow?

The main prize in the lottery, an unexpected inheritance – there are many options that will totally change our lives from one day to the next.

In this article I would like to give you a little closer to my experiences with Egypt, the people around you and especially Hurghada. In advance – I love Egypt! Therefore, you, the interested reader, will surely allow me to focus primarily on the positive things and developments.

For most of us, Hurghada means vacation. And that’s right, but not everything. Around a million tourists visit Egypt each month, and around of them. They come from different countries in the world and many of them fall in love with the country after a short time and sometimes people.
So it is only a logical consequence that the need for holiday apartments, but also retirement homes is constantly increasing. In addition, prices in the rest of the world are rising breathtaking and here – in Hurghada – you can still live a good life with very modest means.

Hurghada - an endearing dream at the Red Sea for anybody. Holidays in your own home
Enjoy the Red Sea by chilling in a sunbed and drinking a cocktail

Consumption has multiplied over the years and there are more and more products due to demand that are in demand by foreigners. But the local economy is also developing excellently. For example, there is no longer only espresso, but also “normal” coffee, which does not require the direct use of a doctor. Fresh orange juice, coffee pods, bread (bite-proof bread), finished furniture, a large selection of cars (brands) and much more.

Under President Sissi’s government, the economic situation has been changing almost daily for some time. Hospitals and clinics are and have been modernized, countless roads have been built, power outages have decreased significantly, local production of various goods and services is being built up and promoted. Telecommunications has improved significantly and, and, and …! This list can be continued almost indefinitely.

And this is exactly where the rabbit is buried – in a positive and negative sense! The changes are huge, as I mentioned in an interview with the channel “AlHadath Alyoum”. Of course, these necessary and future-oriented innovations present a part of the population with apparently impossible tasks, another part sees this as a challenge and rolls up their sleeves.
It is now important to inspire all parts of the population for this adventure to take them on this challenging and exciting journey. Education is the main buzzword here.

The Egyptian people are always friendly, courteous, and generously look after cultural mistakes made by foreigners. Especially in the older parts of the city and in the country, you are quickly invited to tea. You can discover lots of big and small news.