My funny observations in Egypt

Egypt – Interesting and funny observations from life

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Today I will just share with you a couple of my observations in Egypt that amuse me a little.

I arrived in Egypt a long time ago, about 12 years ago. Many will think that I am already about 40 years old, but, to my or your regret, I am not yet 25 years old. I began to compare my country and Egypt and noticed some interesting things …

Egypt - Interesting and funny observations from life / Life in Egypt and interesting things which happens here
Egypt – Interesting and funny observations from life

Let me interrupt,..because you can already notice I am writing in a very non-standard form. Many people like it, and there are also those who find a certain negative in this. And this is completely normal. Someone likes something, but someone doesn’t. We are all a little different and wonderful. So, I hope that this will not bother you very much.

So, when I started living in Egypt, I almost did not notice how wonderful this “world” is. Yes, I call Egypt “world” because everything is different here, not like in other countries.

It has its own different atmosphere. And it amuses me and does not cease to amaze me.

In the beginning, it was really somehow strange to see people who just sit on the street and smoke their hookah (shisha) for hours. Hookah with them is almost like a “sacred thing”. They take it almost everywhere: Cafes, boats, bars, the beach, streets, construction sites, houses. So far, the only place where I have not seen him is the shower … Although who knows, they may eventually create a “waterproof” hookah.

There is something in this … and that is probably why tourists buy it so often. Even a couple of times I thought about purchasing this thing.

It’s funny when they, the Egyptians, make an appointment at 10:00., then roughly at 12:30 they will be there., Well, or just start to prepare themselves or leave the house. And with success at a meeting, for another two hours they will drink tea / coffee with you and talk about life…”well, why and for what we should be in hurry.”

Over time, I somehow got used to it and sometimes it even “melt” me. Egyptian minute – is the hour of an ordinary person. This is amazing!

And if you take the usual construction of houses. In normal countries, I say as if Egypt is not a normal country….No, no, normal, don’t get me wrong, just…unusual… Protecting (equipping) for workers is a priority. God bless he won’t break anything in body…And here….Pants, T-shirt and slippers – The best protection against falling bricks!

Perhaps I will believe this, since according to statistics there are really few such cases …But still it is a little strange, but at the same time funny. About insurance at the height of five-story houses, I probably better not say anything 🙂

But my favourite thing is transport…

Oh God! How I love to watch motorcycles (especially those that look like they’ll have all the parts falling out of it now), how people climb it, yes, it’s like a ladder, 5 persons in one poor bike! And it can be more! The maximum number that I counted is 8 people, of which there were a couple of children. And also furniture. Small one – sofa. Just kidding, just a lot of regular packages for any needs.

Where else will you see this ?! Adorable emotions.

And how minibus drivers exchange money right in the middle of the road! Talk about world peace, ask how Mom is doing, discuss a new purchase of real estate, blocking almost the entire road, because you can’t stop driving – passengers inside going for business, although they are in no hurry, but if …

And knocking on gas cylinders while driving on the street to sell them – uhhh … safety!
(In fact, over the 12 years I have not seen, not heard about the case that something happened because of this. It scared before, but now absolutely not…)

In fact, there are still many “things” that really distinguish other countries and Egypt. If you have noticed anything unusual for you, then you can write to us about it on our Facebook page…

Perhaps we have something to discuss? 🙂

I hope this article did not take you much time, and you spent it for your pleasure along with your snacks or without.
And many thanks for reading to the end.
See you soon in our next “news”!