The Laws of Meanness

Dear and respected reader! Welcome to our second part of the articles.

We are not professional writers, but we will try our best to improve our qualities and to make it interesting and exciting to read our articles.

Today, the article will be about… No, to joyful happiness it’s not about the Corona … I’ll perhaps call the article “The Laws of Meanness” and, possibly, you will immediately guess what it will be about!

I think many people have come across some strange things in life that have given rise to the thought, “Why is this happening only to me?” But, in fact, you are not the only one! All these strange things are regularity, and they happens to us all the time.

I think that in some of the examples below you will find “yourself” and this will give you a smile.
So, I will not keep you waiting for so long and will go straight to the point. Enjoy your reading!

The Laws of Meanness - strange rules of the life which everybody know and find themselves.
The Laws of Meanness – strange rules of the life
  1. The next line is always moving faster.
  2. As soon as you seal up the envelope or send a message / letter, an important thought will immediately come to your mind.
  3. Everything that you keep for a long time can be thrown away. But as soon as you throw it away, you will need it.
  4. There is never enough time to do the job well. But it is always there to redo everything.
  5. Whenever you cut your nails, after a while you will need them.
  6. When the need came to knock on wood – you discover that the world consists of aluminum and plastic.
  7. There are 2 types of band-aid: one that is constantly unstuck, and one that cannot be torn off.
  8. Shampoo and hair conditioner never end at the same time. But the rest of the shower stuff end all at once.
  9. No matter how carefully you tilt the jar, splash cannot be avoided.
  10. Umbrella – If you take it with you, there will be no rain. But if you forget it, it will begin to rain.
  11. When you are waiting for your bus, all comes except him.
  12. A nut, a screw, a pin, any other little thing, falling to the floor, will certainly roll into the most inaccessible corner.
  13. When you completely immersed in a bath / shower – you must hear a phone call.
  14. The probability of meeting someone from your acquaintances increases dramatically when you spend time with someone with whom you should not be seen.
  15. When you start the mechanism, proving to someone that it does not work, it will certainly work.
  16. As soon as you find a really cool and suitable product for you – it is removed from production.
  17. As soon as you wash your car, it will rain immediately.
  18. Often used items always end up at the bottom of the suitcase / backpack.
  19. No matter what the trouble happen, there will be always someone who knew that it would be so.
  20. What you were looking for was in your last pocket.

I hope you enjoyed this short article, which, perhaps at some points, reminded you of yourself.

We will continue to make more unusual and new articles for you, so be sure to stay tuned! 🙂